5 Plants for Summer Fruit & Berries


Is there anything better than sitting down after a hard days work to munch on some beautiful summer fruit that have been grown just a stone’s throw from your back door? Sometimes even as far as your windowsill! It doesn’t matter whether Wimbeldon is on the box or not, summer fruits have a place in our hearts all year round.

While most people will go to the supermarkets to see what’s on offer, why not treat yourself to a bit of green-fingered excitement by growing your own at home, cutting down on food miles, saving the pennies and, of course, the rewarding feeling of growing your own delicious summer fruit?!

But don’t worry if you’re lost for ideas, there are plenty of options available for you, just like these five easy-to-grow delicious summer fruits that you need to be thinking about planting now for mouthwatering fruit this year!

#1 – Strawberries

Luscious, tasty red fruits just waiting for a dollop of cream!  You could save the cream for later and and opt for making jam with your “red gems” (make some scones too!)  If this sounds like too much work, just eat them straight from the plant – delicious!

You can plant strawberry plants any time now, either in the ground or in a container.  Choose a sunny spot and come June or July you can harvest your treasures!

#2 – Blueberries

This is an ideal choice for a pot/container as this plant needs an acid soil to grow to its full potential.  Blueberry plants are extremely healthy for you, providing your mind and body with fibre, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and folic acid, all of which is healthy for your heart! Try mixing with natural yoghurt and granola for a tasty breakfast, or how about blueberry muffins?

#3 – Raspberries, Red Currents and Black Currents

Who can resist these morsels of goodness?  They’re healthy, delicious and versatile. All these berries vary in taste but are all grown in the same way by positioning them in full sun to result in the best harvest this year! Make a classic Summer Pudding or freeze for later allowing you to bring back the memories of the best time of the year!

#4 – Blackberries

Go back in time with a visit to the past.  Remember picking blackberries in the hedgerows? Now you can grow them in your own garden, giving you unlimited opportunities, such as mixing with apple for a delicious crumble! Perfect with creamy custard.  What could be better?

#5 – Rhubarb

Some people think rhubarb is difficult to grow; that you need some expert gardening knowledge – but this is just a common myth!  Just remember to pick the stems when they are young and fresh for the best taste and to encourage more rhubarb to grow and you’ll be plain sailing for the rest of the year!

Over to you!

As you can see there are so many gorgeous and mouth-watering fruits just waiting to be discovered, you’re simply spoilt for choice!  All of these delights, and more, are available at Paugers Plants so come and visit us today!


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